Police link ATM raids carried out almost simultaneously in Wisbech and Long Sutton

FROM Sussex to Suffolk, from London to Long Sutton and from Wisbech to Warrington - suddenly the country is awash with raids on ATM machines.

In Long Sutton raiders got away with a cash machine after first stealing a teleporter from Sutton St James. They rammed their way into Barclay’s Bank to steal the cash box and carried it away on a 4x4 pick-up.

In Wisbech, as these pictures show, the damage was extensive when a similar raid took place - but this time the gang was not so lucky. They fled empty-handed and the ‘tools of the trade’ – a JCB and a 4x4 truck - were left behind.

The picture shows the extent of the damage to the HSBC Bank at Cornhill. In Long Sutton the bank closed for a short while but there will be a wait for a replacement cash point. There is an alternative bank locally.

Lincs and Cambs police have now formally linked the Long Sutton and Wisbech raids.

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