Police objection to reduction of speed limit along Wimblington Road, March, beggars belief

I was amazed to read your article headlined Police: Speed limit cut ‘over-restrictive’ (January 9).

Who is this Derek Crosby, traffic management officer for Cambs Police? Has he ever set foot in the community or visited the road in question?

If he is truly unaware of the number of collisions which have occurred along Wimblington Road, March, why is he empowered to voice an opinion on the matter?

Praise should be given to the county council highways division for the creation of the 2m wide cycle track, replacing the pavement at least as far as Wimblington.

This does afford pedestrians the opportunity to walk side-by-side. A significant fact with regard to the fatal collision involving James and Dominic three years ago.

However, to be voicing support for the retention of a speed limit of 60mph on a major access road to the town, which is less than half a mile long and has a roundabout at one end and a 30/40mph restriction at the other, beggars belief.

Less than 10 seconds can be saved on any journey.

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Is it really acceptable for vehicles to be moving at such a speed so close to pedestrians?

Paul Stratford’s letter last week was concise and to the point. Westry has a 40mph limit, why not Wimblington Road?

With the vastly increased number of HGVs turning into and out of Hook Drove, there is an accident waiting to happen.


Wimblington Road

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