Police praise for have a go Lithuanian men who rugby tackled and restrained purse thief

Wisbech Market place,

Wisbech Market place, - Credit: Archant

TWO Lithuanians were hailed have a go heroes after rugby tackling a thief who had stolen a purse from a Wisbech woman.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon at 1.45pm when a 37 year-old woman drew £180 from the National Westminster Bank in Market Place, Wisbech.

She was followed by an offender into Chapel Lane where he came up behind her, removed a red purse containing the cash, and ran off.

Det Insp Dave Murphy said: “The offender was chased on foot by victim but then, two members of the public (both Lithuanian foreign nationals) realised what was happening and jumped on the man.”

“The two Lithuanians restrained the male on the floor until the police subsequently arrived and made an arrest,”

DI Murphy added: “Both the purse and cash were recovered. It was nice to see members of the public helping out a victim of crime and making an intervention.”

Estonian Ruslan Zuravljov, 32, was subsequently charged with theft and appeared before Kings Lynn magistrates today. He was jailed for three months.