Police question 18 year-old from March in connection with double fatality

POLICE have questioned an 18 year-old motorist after two young men were mowed down and killed in March in the early hours of Sunday.

Cambs Police say they have been inundated with “speculation” about the deaths but appealed to only those with hard information to come forward.

Community sources have identified the 18 year-old and also provided the name of a second motorist travelling from March and who may have seen the fatal crash.

However police remain emphatic that no one has been arrested or charged in connection with the crash which claimed the lives of Dom Iliffe, 24, and James Kiely, 27.

Police have been alerted to the possibility that the two vehicles may have been involved in some sort of race through March but a spokesman insisted this aspect of their inquiry was at a very early stage.

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A police spokesman said one of those being questioned is “18 and from the March area. No arrests have been made in connection with this; if this changes we will let you know.”

The spokesman added that there was no evidence of the driver involved in the accident having been drinking.

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“Everyone involved in a collision is tested for drink so no he was not under the influence,” said the spokesman.

An inquest into the deaths of Dom, 24, and James, 27, will be opened in Wisbech tomorrow.

Both were killed shortly before 3.30am as they walked to Wimblington to stay with friends following a night out in March. It was a route that Dom was particularly familiar with having either walked, or run, that route on many occasions.

They had been out with Dom’s close friends, twins Alex and Will Salter and were heading into Wimblington to stay overnight with the Salter family before returning to Chatteris.

James had only recently got to know the closely knit group having become engaged to Dom’s sister, Abigail.

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