Police reveal numbers for those arrested for being drunk and disorderly and also for public order offences

Sgt Dave Bax non-duty paid cigarettes seized during Cambs Police raid.

Sgt Dave Bax non-duty paid cigarettes seized during Cambs Police raid. - Credit: Archant

POLICE in Fenland made 46 arrests for being drunk and disorderly last year and 92 arrests for public order offences.

The figures were revealed by Sgt Dave Bax, police licensing officer, who said many of the public order offences were drink related.

“The police have also issued at least 100 directions to leave the locality -alcohol is a key part of the direction,” he said.

“We have also conducted underage test purchase operations where fines were issued, and one business agreed to close its alcohol sales for 96 hours.”

But he remains confident that issues are being dealt with and progress is being made, albeit not as fast as some might like.

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“In Wisbech drink fuelled violence and anti social behaviour is an issue that the police tackle in partnership,” he said.

“The story here is a chilled can of beer bought from a shop is designed for one purpose and that is to open up outside and drink it on the street and then throw the rubbish on the ground. The mind boggles where they go to the toilet!

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He added: “No one will ever be able to stop this totally, but limiting the strength of alcohol and preventing single chilled cans being sold will help reduce it.

“It is far worse in Wisbech Town Centre than it is anywhere else in the district. This is a fact.”

Sgt Bax also said police would continue to pursue counterfeit and non duty paid cigarettes and alcohol “and cash seizures sit at nearly £20,000.

“We have also seized medicines from a number of shops, some of which is prescription only. I think it is right to challenge these shops and continue to do so.”

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