Police sergeant says you only fish where the carp are feeding as 12 vehicles get clamped

A POLICE sergeant warned motor tax dodgers in Wisbech both he and the DVLA would be back soon following a day of action which saw 12 vehicles clamped.

“Quite simply you fish where the carp are feeding,” said Sgt Dave Bax following the initiative in Wisbech on Friday.

He admitted he was surprised by the number of vehicles parked illegally without displaying a valid tax disc.

“We had one vehicle which decided to drive away before they could be clamped,” he said.

“Some people don’t only not pay their taxes but then when they get caught they still try to avoid losing their vehicle,”

In addition to the clamping tally another four tickets were also issued with fixed penalty fines with the threat of clamping if the penalties remain unpaid.

Sgt Bax added: “I was informed by the DVLA Team, that they didn’t quite get to all areas of Wisbech, and will return to finish the job in the near future.

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“If you haven’t got your car taxed, then the message is get on line or down the post office and get it paid.”

Today Sgt Bax of Cambridgeshire Police said he had noticed one of the clamped vehicles was still where it had been left in Bowthorpe Road.

If it remains it will be removed and crushed.

Sgt Bax said only two officers from the DVLA and he was involved in the day of action.