Police stop illegal rave in Chatteris going ahead - ‘community’ praised for swift response to prevent it

"Plotted up at various locations in #Chatteris Vehicles are being escorted by Police out of the area

"Plotted up at various locations in #Chatteris Vehicles are being escorted by Police out of the area" from a Tweet by Cambs Police - Credit: Archant

An illegal rave was nipped in the bud last night in Chatteris – even before the sound equipment was set up.

A major police operation – with officers called in from other areas and a police helicopter dispatched to the town- saw the planned event dispersed quickly.

A police spokesman said they were called after midnight and “observation and public spirited reporting” brought it to an end.

“Prompt attendance by police officers has prevented a rave occurring in the Chatteris area,” said the spokesman.

“Police arrived at the scene before the sound equipment however this didn’t prevent a significant number of vehicles arriving at the location who were all dispersed from the area.

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“The vehicles took various routes out of Fenland into other parts of Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties.”

The spokesman said: “A visible policing presence was maintained in the Chatteris area for a number of hours following the dispersal of those attending for an illegal event.

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“As in this case information from the community is vital to stop these events occurring and there is encouragement to report any suspicious activity at isolated premises where events such as raves could occur.”

The spokesman added: “Additionally those landowners who have isolated premises that may be vulnerable to rave activity are encouraged to review their vehicle access/building security.”

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