Police to reinvestigate Chatteris collision between car and cyclist Callum Chappell after seeing dramatic video footage

Callum Chappell. Picture: Steve Williams.

Callum Chappell. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

A video of the moment a student doing his paper round was knocked off his bike has attracted more than 4,000 hits on YouTube.

The moment that Callum Chappell was knocked off of his bike on New Road, Chatteris

The moment that Callum Chappell was knocked off of his bike on New Road, Chatteris - Credit: Archant

The dramatic footage, caught on a dashboard camera from a parked car, shows what happened when Callum Chappell was sent flying as he cycled along High Street, Chatteris.

A woman motorist came out of New Road and promptly ran into the 17-year-old.

Police were quickly on the scene and, after checking Callum was not injured, let the woman driver off with a caution. However, police had not seen the footage at the time and are now reconsidering their decision.

A police spokesman said: “We can confirm that inquiries into the collision are continuing.

“The collision was fully investigated at the time and the investigating officer took steps to ensure the victim was happy with the service he received.

“He was taken home and the officer arranged a van to take his cycle home.

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“At the time of the previous story, the officer was not aware that footage of the collision existed.

“It will now be taken into account as part of the investigation.”

Callum, a College of West Anglia student, said: “I have some good news. The police are going to reinvestigate the case as they have seen the video and there is now my proof.”

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