Police update on missing cash inquiry at Chatteris Conservative Club where steward remains suspended

Chatteris Conservative Club

Chatteris Conservative Club - Credit: Archant

POLICE have yet to decide what, if any, action to take against a club steward suspended following allegations of missing cash.

Chatteris Tories called in Cambs Police to investigate after they suspended Conservative Club steward Tony Dooley in the run up to last Christmas.

Allegations of impropriety, which he vehemently denies, have resulted in a seven month investigation which is still unresolved.

Quizzed as to whether the inquiry had been dropped a Cambs police spokesman would only note “the investigation is still going- we will keep you posted.”

The club has promised to put up notices inside the club “from time to time” updating members on progress into an inquiry allegedly involving £32,000.

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The annual profit and loss account of the club showed that last year the club had a turn over of £136,304 from bar sales and a further £35,585 from machine takings, subscriptions, hire of function room and other income streams.

However the running costs – which included salaries and wages of £49,136 - saw the club’s profits shrink to £7,711 and that was before “exceptional items”.

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These were reported to around 60 club members at a meeting as being specifically £32,023 which the accounts reported was “cash not deposited by stewards.”

Club officials insist the matter remains with police and earlier this year told members “we have taken advice from solicitors. The intention is quite clearly to proceed through the criminal courts and the civil courts and take all necessary steps to recoup the missing money.”

The private members club was formed nearly 100 years ago, originally for men only and over the years the King Edward Road premises have been upgraded and local ‘celebrity’ members included snooker player Joe Perry and former professional boxer Dave ‘Boy’ Green.

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