Police warn Fenland drivers could end up in court if they let friends from other countries drive their cars

FENLAND motorists have been warned by Police that they could be prosecuted if they let friends from foreign countries drive their cars as they could be uninsured.

There have been 10 cases in Cambridgeshire where registered owners of vehicles have said someone visting from another country was driving their car which triggered a speed camera.

One woman received a �400 fine, six points on her license, paid �35 court costs, and a �15 victim surcharge, after letting her American friend drive her car in Cambridge which triggered a speed camera in April and was not able to prove that she was insured.

Safety camera unit manager Clinton Hale said: “If someone claims a friend or relative from another country was driving their vehicle when it triggered a speed camera they should be aware that that person’s insurance is unlikely to cover them here.

“It means they have allowed their car to be driven by someone who is uninsured to do so, which is a serious offence and likely to be reflected in the sentence given by the court.”

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