Police warn Fenland teenagers over rise in recreational use of laughing gas

POLICE have warned teenagers over the recreational use of laughing gas - which they say is on the rise in the Fens.

PCSO Terry McCormack used community website ShapeYourPlace to urge the people of Wisbech to be on the lookout for the canisters of nitrous oxide.

Posting an image of one of the canisters, PCSO McCormack said: “This is a picture of a canister seized at a party. Please keep a lookout for these as it seems the teenagers in Wisbech are enjoying themselves on this laughing gas.

“It is not illegal to have and take but it is illegal to supply.

“Gas canisters have also been found in the multi-story car park where teenagers like to group.”

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Dangerous side effects of laughing gas can include damage to the brain from lack of oxygen and damage to the lips from “freezer burn” caused by excessively cold equipment.

The lungs can also be damaged from inhaling too much too soon and, PCSO McCormack warned, that the gas could cause blackouts.

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