Politicians at all levels should share rational approach and imagination of Steve Count

If to listen to people; if to look for opportunities and possibilities; if then to come up with a set of proposals that are feasible with the source of the money to implement them identified represent a u-turn, that u-turn should be welcomed and praised.

We need politicians at all levels with Steve Count’s rational approach and imagination. Opposition is so easy, and opposition based on self-interest and prejudice often serve only to delay.

In this instance it seems to have served to impel an able man to look for a solution that takes into account some of the objections, whilst furthering the social and economic interests of the town.

I cannot think of a development in the town – the prison, the supermarkets, the beetroot factory and especially a housing development – that was not in its time opposed, and in some instances bitterly.

Cavalry, Ellingham and Dagless were opposed, in many instances the same specious arguments were advanced to hide the same NYMBYism or BANANAism (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody).

Perhaps a benefit to come in the future from a well-used sports centre, and further housing in the north east of March, could be an eastern relief road.

Should that happen I am sure it will be opposed.

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