Polling cards will be issued by March Town Council for all by-elections

I WAS recently elected to March Town Council in the by-election for March North Ward on February 7.

During the canvassing process concern was raised by residents that no polling cards were issued. Residents felt they were not made aware there was a by-election and there was confusion over where and when to vote.

At the town council meeting of March 4 this matter was discussed. It was found that the decision not to issue polling cards for a stand alone by-elections was one of historical precedent.

It was confirmed that in a by-election where a district or county seat is contested in conjunction with a town council election, this issue is not relevant as voters automatically receive polling cards.

Therefore the following motion was proposed by Councillor Steve Count and seconded by myself: polling cards will be issued at all stand alone by-elections for the future of this administration.

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This motion was passed unanimously, thereby protecting and promoting the democratic process in Fenland.


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