Post Office plan to move Upwell’s thriving office proves that large companies no longer listen to customers

The days when a large company or organisation listened to its customers are long gone.

This is being clearly demonstrated by the way the Post Office is determined to move Upwell’s thriving and well located site to one that is poorer in a lot of respects, not least access and parking but visually as well.

The present post office is passed by the majority of vehicles going to and from Wisbech. G&B Superstore is not so well known to those drivers as it is on a less used route.

Laura Tarling, a public affairs manager for the Post office, says that “we’ve had 98 per cent positive customer satisfaction”. Where is the evidence of those 98 per cent?

And Will Russell, regional Post Office manager, says “we understand how important having a post office is to residents in the Upwell area and we are confident this new modern service will meet the needs of the local community and secure services for the future”.

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So is he saying that if it does not move then services at the existing shop will be lost altogether? Sounds like a threat to me.

Funnily enough, Will Russell’s statement – in the exact same wording – was used by Julia Marwood, a Post Office regional manager in the case of moving the post office at Bergh Apton, Norfolk (Eastern Daily Press, April 3, Page 53).

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Interesting to know that the Post Office takes no notice of what its customers want.


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