Potholes in Fenland roads need attention before money is spent on the A14

CAN anyone see an ounce of sense in proposing “in principle,” one million pounds from Fenland District Council towards the improvement of the A14 highway?

This road is no where near the Fens, and is mostly used by heavy commercial traffic and others between Birmingham, the M6, the M1, and Huntingdon, Cambridge, and on to Felixstowe. It has no great influence on the Fens.

There are important roads in the Fens cracking up through subsidence that will soon require repair.

If some think Fenland District Council has money to spare on what is clearly a government project, then it would do well and serve local motorists better to fill in potholes in the area, causing damage to business vehicles and others using them, and no more bleating about government cuts.

The government extracts enough money - and wastes it - as it is.


St Peters Road

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