Praise for Blackadder Goes Forth production at Angles Theatre

I TRAVELLED from Tilshead in Wiltshire to watch my friends and brother perform in Blackadder Goes Forth at The Angels Theatre, Wisbech.

Once again I was not disappointed - and was even more impressed by the amount of effort and sheer hard work that had gone into producing and performing the works of Richard Curtis and Ben Elton.

The players of the show were perfectly cast for their roles and even looked and sounded just like their counterparts.

To know that all proceeds from the show were going to Comic Relief is testament to the amount of hard work and personal time given up by the cast.

I am proud to support such honest, unselfish dedication and, albeit biased because Karl Lippold is my brother, I have no doubt that there will be yet another fabulous play for me to support and enjoy, as I am sure everyone did on Saturday night.

The cast and backstage crew deserve fabulous applause for such a treat for us audience members. I know I couldn’t do what the players do and I thank them wholeheartedly for making my weekend a wonderful one.


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I WOULD like to congratulate the Angles Theatre on a fantastic performance of Blackadder.

I travelled from London to visit relatives and decided on a trip to the theatre. What a real treat it was as this show was absolutely amazing. Well cast and extremely convincing.

I am sending this message because I feel that it deserves widespread recognition. Well done the Flatland Comedy Club. Thoroughly enjoyable and the best amateur production I have ever seen.


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