Praise for “public spirited” teens who cleared 79-year-old’s drive

TWO kind-hearted teenagers came to the aid of an 79-year-old churchwarden when his home was blocked by snow.

William Evans drove back from Manea church to find the driveway at his School Lane home blocked by 8in of the white stuff.

At the same time, 14-year-old Cromwell Community College students Gary Newman and Ben Crawley were playing in the snow - but didn’t hesitate to help a neighbour in need.

“Without my asking for help the two young lads got to work, borrowed shovels and cleared completely my whole entrance - involving much hard, cold and very wet work,” Mr Evans said.

“Not only was I so grateful but I was so comforted to realise that all is not lost, we can have great confidence in our future generation.”

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The former personal valet to Lord Louis Mountbatten said it took the “public-spirited” teenagers more than an hour to clear the 30ft driveway leading up to his garage.

The snow had fallen across Fenland the night before.

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He offered the Manea residents a financial reward for their generous hard work but they declined, settling instead for a can of lemonade.

When they had finished they went back to snowballing their friends and enjoying the wintry conditions but Mr Evans said he was humbled they took the time to help.

“In these somewhat difficult times when the young are taking much criticism, it was a pure joy to know that our young folk were prepared to help an elderly old-boy overcome by the foul weather and made a fantastic job of clearing all the snow,” Mr Evans said.

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