Precise Component Manufacture LTD (PCML) in Longhill Road, March is the latest owner of a defibrillator as part of former March mayor Rob Skoulding’s ‘Have a Heart’ campaign

PCML (Precision Component Manufacture Ltd) in Longhill Road, March is the latest organisation to joi

PCML (Precision Component Manufacture Ltd) in Longhill Road, March is the latest organisation to join the 'Have a Heart' campaign which aims to provide defibs for March. Pictured: Cllr Rob Skoulding, Nadine Bishop (finance director) and Gavin Goates (CEO). - Credit: Archant

March firm PCML (Precise Component Manufacture Ltd) has become the latest proud owner of a defibrillator.

The life-saving machine has been installed on the firm’s premises in Longhill Road after company CEO Gavin Goates decided it ‘was the right thing to do’ for his staff and other workers on the industrial estate.

He said health and safety of his staff is paramount and the firm now employs over 120 people. He learned of former mayor Councillor Rob’s Skoulding’s ‘Have a Heart’ campaign which aims to provide as many defibs as possible across the town, through a leaflet he picked up on a visit to a local physiotherapist’s.

“It struck me as a really good thing and also very sensible. We employ 120 people and they are the most important part of our company. Their wellbeing is the most important thing, a well supported, well-looked after staff, who feel appreciated, is also the most productive.

“There is no defib in this area of the town, there isn’t even one inside the prison as they are not allowed one - so I’ve been told. We were going to get one for our company for own staff’s wellbeing, but thought it would be much better to put it outside our building so anyone who needs it can use it easily,” said Gavin, who purchased the machine and a state-of-the-art cabinet to house it safely.

On Friday (24) Rob popped along to watch as the defib was installed and to thank Gavin and his team for supporting the ‘Have a Heart’ campaign.

“It is a very generous gesture from Gavin and PCML. We want to get as many of these life-saving machines as we can installed in March, so that everyone has easy and quick access should they ever need one,” said Rob.

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