Prime Minister overestimated his power and authority over promise for better EU deal – and should tender resignation

Yes! You’ve got it, our Prime Minster promised as part of his election pledge he would secure a better future for the people of Britain with a new EU deal.

Unfortunately David Cameron overestimated his power and authority, and his position in the chain of command in relation to a single dominant world government that oversees every country, person and garden plants.

I therefore request for our Prime Minister to tender his resignation. Unfortunately Britain’s double setback is not ‘Greece and migration’ but ‘David and Cameron’.

I must apologise for my abruptness, but as one gets older you see things in a different light. Decision making is a simple case of “black or white, yes or no, right or wrong and nothing in between”.

I have learned never to make a promise I cannot keep, that means if I promise you £50 I already have it in cash in a brown envelope in my pocket.

As all the other political parties stated, there is only one answer to the EU: is “Britain IN or OUT”!


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