Council called to check numbers - and living conditions - of workers staying in former restaurant in Fen village

Fenland Council is checking on the numbers - and living conditions - of those staying in the former

Fenland Council is checking on the numbers - and living conditions - of those staying in the former Classics restaurant in Station Road, Manea. Picture; GOOGLE - Credit: Archant

The number of people living temporarily in a former restaurant has raised concerns by a parish council.

Cllr Charlie Marks says that in the past fortnight both he and the parish council “have received communication from villagers concerning the use of the property”.

He said Fenland District Council has been asked to look at issues at the former Classics restaurant in Station Road, Manea.

The restaurant closed a year ago but has recently been used to house a group of men who arrived in the village to work on agricultural contracts.

“Fenland District Council officers attended the site last Tuesday and carried out an inspection,” said Cllr Marks.

In a post to a village Facebook page he said Fenland Council were made aware “of concerns” about the property and the numbers living there and the conditions in which they were living.

Quoting from a statement from the council he said “a regulatory inspection was made and some issues have been identified.

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“The council is now coordinating the appropriate response with a number of regulatory and licensing agencies and the owner”.

Cllr Marks said that both he and the council had been in touch with the owners “and we are all working together to try to sort out the various issues”.

In an updated post he referred to an “incident” at the property on Saturday night.

Cllr Marks said the owner was in touch with the police and those living there. Those staying at the former restaurant appeared to have had “unwelcome visitors who caused the issues and not the workers”.

“This morning the owner has posted an update on the Manea Facebook page.........he has assured me that he will be monitoring the workers behaviour going forward”.

Residents had posted reports of seeing police at the property at midnight on Saturday.

And it was reported that those living there “had unwanted visitors that caused trouble with the boys living in the house.

“There has been damage to the house and to the boys that was trying to protect the house from further damage. The police and ourselves will be looking into the matter further.

“This wasn’t the boys fault.”

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