Proposal for a countryside park in March is a great idea

The proposal to provide March with a countryside park is a great idea, a potential complement to the river and marina.

The lake and small wooded areas would be attractive assets to the town and the retail site a negligible competitive threat to March’s in-town business. Some shops are needed.

Since the railway diminished March has not had a great deal going for it, but it retains a long-existing foundation to build a reputation of a garden town enhanced by the new proposal.

The river environment could play a role here with improvement to the Nene Parade embankment, while a few bench seats in Broad Street with half-tub floral arrangements would not go amiss to complement seasonal displays at the Fountain and the centre of the street.

The park, with its attractive riverside, comes into its own in any case and full advantage should be taken.

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Visitors to March and the proposed site would see the town with a colourful centre, as something worth seeing which might well enhance our part of the Fens and give March a new image.

Forget charging at car parks! A new retail area and other commercial centres would benefit from that.

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I would rather pay a little addition to the rates.


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