Providing emergency flood risk kit with Fenland homes is crass

SPECULATORS and developers are contemplating the idea of building properties on a recognised centuries-old flood plain at Wisbech St Mary.

The idea of providing an emergency flood risk kit with every home, including wellington boots and sandbags is, from an estate agency point of view, crass and has let the cat out of the bag.

Places are unwisely being built on other low-lying flood-risk areas in the country. In the area around Wisbech centuries ago land was regularly flooded up to two metres deep and the risk being implied cannot be discounted.

Potential house purchasers being advised that emergency flood risk kits will be provided seems a bob or two short of credence.

It’s a source of inspiration to insurance companies who are likely to charge “special” premiums for living in what is being regarded as a flood-risk area despite house owners having a “special” flood risk kit.

Many are the families who threw common sense to the wind and unwisely chose to live in flood-risk areas elsewhere in the country, and who now find that having so far escaped or have indeed undergone flooding are not able to sell their properties.

Has “everything been thought of”?

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