Publican at centre of did he or didn’t he fight off attackers claim back home after taking overdose of paracetamol

John Wood outside his pub, the Marshland Arms. Picture: Steve Williams

John Wood outside his pub, the Marshland Arms. Picture: Steve Williams - Credit: Archant

PUBLICAN John Wood - who a month ago was at the centre of conflicting claims about beating off four attackers - has left hospital after taking an overdose of paracetamol.

His mother, Karen, said her son discharged himself from hospital and was now recovering at home and under his own doctor.

She said the first she knew of John’s overdose was when an ambulance turned up at the pub at around 1.30am on Monday.

Mrs Wood, who with her husband and John runs the Marshland Arms near Wisbech, said: “It transpired he had gone to a nearby service station – God knows why- and phoned the ambulance himself to say what had happened.”

Mrs Wood said: “He’s all right now but doctors say it was a close one. Everything got on top of him but at the end of the day life goes on and what will be, will be.

“He’s had a bad time since all of this happened. All he was ever trying to do was to protect his girl friend and her family”.

Mr Wood initially described how he had fought off four attackers single handedly after he went into Wisbech to buy fish and chips.

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Norfolk Police took statements after he had been taken to hospital for treatment to wounds received in the alleged attack.

Later, however, he was interviewed by Cambridgeshire Police and received an £80 fixed penalty fine for wasting police time.

Detective Inspector Dave Murphy said: “This man not only wasted police time, but he also raised the fear of crime in the local community.”

“I hope this serves as a lesson to anyone who thinks they can lie to the police and get away with it.”

Mrs Wood insists her son did not lie about the attack although police suspect he got the injuries – which required 18 stitches- other than being stabbed by his four assailants.

Mrs Wood said: “It happened – and I know my son and I know he wouldn’t make anything up”.

She said he had split from his girl friend following the publicity but regulars at the family pub remained supportive.

“Yes John has had a bad time but people from pub have been brilliant,” she said. “Everyone who knows us said police have got it wrong. When John was being questioned and police were trying to drag his girl friend into it, I think it was then he agreed to sign anything just to get out of the police station and bring it to an end.”

She said many customers had phoned following his admission to hospital “and all have been supportive and kind.”

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