Puppies bought into Cambridgeshire without rabies vaccinations

A puppy

A puppy - Credit: Archant

THREE puppies have been taken into quarantine in Cambridgeshire after trading standards officers found they were imported into the country without legal rabies vaccinations.

Two of the puppies were imported from Eastern European countries that still pose a rabies threat.

Cambridgeshire Trading Standards officers are warning people to be on their guard after three puppies were taken into quarantine in the space of five days.

In two of the cases, the owners had their puppy vaccinated in Poland and Hungary before bringing it into the UK, but the vaccine was given when the animals were too young rendering it ineffective.

The third case involved a 10-week old puppy which was bought on-line and did not appear to have been vaccinated at all.

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All three animals were taken to their local vets for check overs which is when the discrepancies came to light.

Vets are legally required to inform trading standards of such finds to keep the UK rabies-free.

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All three puppies have now been placed in quarantine for several weeks costing the owner between £600-£1,000.

Under strict import laws which aim to prevent Rabies from entering the country, all dogs brought into the UK from the EU and EU listed countries must have an EU Pet Passport, be fitted with a microchip and have been vaccinated against Rabies.

In most cases a puppy must be at least 12 weeks old before the rabies vaccination can be given and a waiting period of 21 days after vaccination must be given, before the animal is brought into the UK.

Trading Standards Officers are advising people to be extra cautious when buying puppies from internet sites and to make sure they do not part with any money without being certain of the animal’s age and origin.

County Council Cabinet Member for Enterprise and Skills, Councillor Mathew Shuter, said: “The UK is in the privileged position of being classed as ‘Rabies-free,’ but it is something we have to work hard to maintain. Our officers act swiftly to ensure such illegal imported pets are detained and quarantined in order to protect the public.”

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