Quality of life threatened by wind turbine

SIXTEEN years ago we moved to our home in Fenland. It is about two miles outside Turves, and we were looking for a peaceful environment to enjoy in our retirement .

Moving on to 2013, we find our quality of life threatened by a wind turbine being built 420 metres from our home. This will have a height of 100 metres to blade tip. I suffer from tinnitus as a side effect of chemotherapy, and I live in dread of the whirring sound of the blades and the constant tuning of the blades.

Although we are one of the closest houses to this project, we did not receive a leaflet giving us any information. I have now obtained one and the first paragraph tells me that the newsletter is designed to keep our neighbours informed about the wind farm at Burnt House .It is strange that the property closest to the turbine was left off the leaflet drop.

I have been told that community projects will be funded in local villages by the firm involved. Whilst I am not against this, it surprises me because most of the people in the villages live a distance from the turbine, and many will not even see it.

I would like to add that Fenland council planning department turned the planning application down on the grounds of neighbourhood amenity. If you have a determination to inflict one of these turbines on your neighbours, you then appeal to the planning inspectorate in Bristol.

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