'Emotional' quartet complete 10k for villager Paul

Welney quartet finish the Sandringham 10k event

Sue Spears with stepson Mark, Tracey Willis and Mel Howard after completing the Sandringham 10k. - Credit: Tracey Willis

A woman who ran 10k for a man who worked at his local pub for 17 years said she and her fellow runners were “not expecting so much goodwill”. 

Sue Spears alongside stepson Mark, Mel Howard and Tracey Willis ran the Sandringham 10k on September 26 to continue raising funds for a memorial bench in memory of Paul Harvey of Welney. 

“We said we would stay together as a team; it was amazing,” Sue said. 

“It was a beautiful run. Lots of people were raising money for all sorts of causes and it was a great atmosphere.” 

So far, nearly £1,800 has been donated towards erecting a memorial bench, which is due to be placed at the Lamb and Flag pub where Paul worked. 

Welney quartet remember Lamb and Flag worker Paul Harvey

The quarter wore pictures of Paul Harvey, whom they were running the Sandringham 10k in memory of, on the backs of their shirts - Credit: Sue Spears

Sue, Mel and Tracey also received bouquets of flowers from Paul’s family after the 10k event, too. 

“I think it’s been quite overwhelming,” said Sue. 

“What started as maybe raising £500 to raising £1,800, and all the messages, it has been quite emotional as we were not expecting so much goodwill.   

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“It’s amazing how you can start with one idea and turn it into something incredible.”  

To donate, visit: https://bit.ly/2XUPaCX.