Question of Independence

I WAS delighted with the response (Question of independence) to my letter which demonstrates that democracy is alive and well if not on FDC at least elsewhere.

Perhaps I should attempt to put the record straight on the points raised by your correspondents:

1 UKIP to most people, are associated with withdrawal from Europe which may well be a worthy cause but it’s not something that can be affected by local councils. They need to bring pressure on the Government through Parliament if they are to make any progress. I would ask what policies do they have which would directly affect Fenland?

2 Robert Harvey poses the question that Independents would have to win

21 seats to have overall control but that’s not the point I was trying to make. What is needed on FDC is an effective opposition rather than one party rule. Personally, I would be happy with 25% non Conservative seats on the new council so that all those electors who don’t support the ruling party would have their say. Ideally, I would like them to be all Independents but if not, so be it - I’m not greedy! As to his question about Independents forming an alliance with the Conservatives .... for my part, I would judge all proposals on their merits and if they’re good for the majority of the community I would support them but a formal alliance absolutely not!

3 Leader of the local Lib Dems, Cllr Chris Howes, the original hairy biker, bangs on about only a few opposition councillors not having any effect but he didn’t say that when the sole Lib Dem on the council Dave Patrick was elected. Come off it Chris - I may be red nosed but that’s better than being red faced when the time comes!


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