Raise B1040 slightly it will close less often when Whittlesey Wash floods

A few years ago Whittlesey Wash was re-designated by the Environment Agency as a “reservoir”.

Surely just by this action it was obvious of its intention: “Water, water everywhere.”

This renaming was well known ahead and I suspect none of us objected.

There is a simple solution to solve the highway flooding of the B1040 that would probably not cost as much as a bridge over King’s Dyke level crossing.

There is a short section of the wash that, if raised slightly, would mean the road could be opened safely on more days.

Solving North Bank is another issue that would cost mega millions. I’m sure Peterborough City Council’s ratepayers will not wish to spend their hard-earned money on ensuring Cambridgeshire residents get to their area, say, 15 minutes quicker.

Cambridgeshireshire County Council, I am sure, is trying to act in your interests to resolve the B1040 but has its hands tied behind its back.

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The Dutch can help, but perhaps only by taking over our environmentalists for a period.


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