Dad thanks mystery motorist for random act of kindness at drive-thru

Chris King has thanked a mystery motorist for their random act of kindness at Eye Green McDonald’s near Thorney. 

Chris King has thanked a mystery motorist for their random act of kindness at Eye Green McDonald’s near Thorney. - Credit: Google Maps 

A dad driving his disabled son home from hospital has thanked a kind-hearted motorist for a random act of kindness at McDonald’s.  

Chris King was using the drive-thru at the Eye Green fast-food restaurant near Thorney on Tuesday (January 12) following a “horrible hospital appointment”.  

Mr King placed his order and drove round to the next window, it was there that he was told the car in front had already paid for his meal and he owed nothing.  

The kind gesture nearly brought him to tears and he would now like to find the driver of the dark-coloured 2016 Kia Sportage.  

He said: “If you’re the person who randomly decided to pay for the car behind’s food... The car behind was driven by me.  

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“A man who was taking his disabled child for a treat for being so, so brave at an absolutely horrible hospital appointment today. 

“Your completely random act of kindness made our day immeasurably better and you nearly made a 45-year-old man cry. 

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“We didn’t have a chance to thank the person so If anyone doesn’t mind sharing my post, we’d be really grateful.” 

Was it you who paid for Mr King’s order, or do you know the person who did? Email:  

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