Rare whales sighted in The Wash according to Sea Watch

TWO rare whales have been sighted in The Wash, according to the marine conservation charity Sea Watch.

The northern bottlenose whales were spotted by a woman who was aboard a boat heading across the estuary last Sunday.

“We have been sent some fin pictures and are able to confirm that these were northern bottlenose whales,” said Sea Watch sightings officer Gemma Veneruso.

“These animals are normally found in deep waters in the North Atlantic. It is thought that some lose their way during the migration from the Norwegian Sea past the Northern Isles to the North Atlantic which is why we sometimes see these animals – the whale that swam up the River Thames in 2006 was a northern bottlenose dolphin.

“We have not had any sightings of them since so we don’t know where they have gone.”

This week is National Whale and Dolphin Watch, when members of the public are asked to send in their sightings of whales, dolphins or porpoises or to join special sea watches.

Sea Watch director Dr Peter Evans, said: “Marine mammals are an important barometer of the health of our waters.

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“By monitoring where, when and how many are seen, we can pick up trends in populations, and identify human pressures.”

• Details of how to take part in the National Whale and Dolphin Watch from land and sea can be found online, at www.seawatchfoundation.org.uk

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