‘Ratzcool’ Performing Arts club is launched in Wisbech

A PERFORMING arts club, RATzcool saw its official launch on December 4, which aims to teach part-time performing arts and technical theatre courses at Thomas Clarkson Community College in Wisbech.

The Angles Theatre, also based in Wisbech runs the club where students can expect to work towards national qualifications and gain UCAS points to boost their chances of getting onto further education.

Teaching the technical theatre course, Robert Williams said: “Many people want to do performing arts but there is little to offer in the immediate area.”

He added: “We want people to do musical theatre and we feel it’s something we should offer as a provider.”

The curriculum includes singing, dancing, acting, costumes, make-up, pyrotechnics, sound, lighting design and much more. There are also plans to invite professionals to hold master classes at the theatre, giving our backstage talent and stars of tomorrow a genuine insight into the industry.

RATzcool’s first batch of students recently completed their first term and already a dramatic change has been seen in their confidence:

Mr Williams said: “We want to help people grow their self-esteem - the difference we’ve seen in the children in 10 weeks is astounding.”

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The club currently teaches 40 students from 3-18 years. Class sizes have already increased from 15 to 20 but numbers are expected to grow.

Classes take place every Saturday afternoon for 10 weeks at Thomas Clarkson. After passing their end exams, students can sign up for a further 10 weeks at a time to boost their grade.

Further information about RATzcool can be found through the Angles Theatre website home.btconnect.com/angles-theatre

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