LETTERS: Car schemes, mayor's fund raising, libraries and policing

Wisbech Mayor Cllr Aigars Balsevics hosted a socially distanced civic tea party at Wisbech Castle. P

Wisbech Mayor Cllr Aigars Balsevics hosted a socially distanced civic tea party at Wisbech Castle. The town council has now written to say how much the mayor raised for charity and good causes during his term of office. - Credit: Archant

Mayor’s year raises £2,800 for local good causes and charities  

The 2020-21 Mayor of Wisbech, Councillor Aigars Balsevics has started to distribute the money raised for worthwhile causes that benefit children and the local community 

He would like to thank those who gave generous donations including Knowles Transport, Bretts Transport, Elgoods Brewery and Madhouse UK.  

The total amount raised was £2,800 and Cllr Balsevics has chosen the following to receive monies from the pot.   

The £100 remaining has been donated to the new Mayor for 2021-22 Councillor Andrew Lynn to kick start his fundraising activities. 


Ferry Project                                                  £200                                                   

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The Foyer                                                        £300                                                   

Rosmini Centre                                              £300                                                   

Oasis Centre                                                   £300                                                   

LK Tennis                                                         £300                                                   

Wisbech Swimming Club                             £300                                                   

Fenland Gymnastics Academy                    £300                                                   

Skaters                                                             £300                                                   

Wisbech Run Together                                £300                                                   

Vertical Gardens Project                             £100                                                   



Wisbech Town Council 

Poor home environment and parenting must take part of blame 
I refer to the article submitted by Joe Marsden and the subsequent response by the Cambridgeshire Police Chief Constable, Nick Dean and identify with both points of view.   

Firstly, Mr Marsden rightly points out the day-to-day issues faced by the general public, in particular antisocial behaviour around Wisbech. 

These include indiscriminate parking on yellow lines, junctions, footpaths etcetera, the illegal use of electrically powered scooters, litter and fly tipping.  

Sadly, this type of low-level crime afflicts most towns and cities in this country and can have a profound effect on the quality of life for residents.  

It points to a general decline in self-discipline within society, but also a reluctance of the public to get involved in bringing those responsible to account for their actions, the latter often due to the fear of violence.  

The reason for the decline in behaviour is complex, but poor home environment and parenting makes a significant contribution towards this downward spiral. 

The media has often exacerbated the situation in the way it reports and comments on these issues.  

Unfortunately, parental control has been undermined for decades by many so called experts in child care churned out by universities with little or no practical knowledge of the real world.   

The media, politicians, educationists and social care experts blame everyone for this decline except those directly involved and their parents and their answer is always to throw more money at the problem.  

Society has managed to produce a generation where a significant minority of children are void of even the most basic personal skills. 

And of course, we see the predictable and escalating problems such as bullying and sexualising of young children and the increase in sexual assaults amongst this age group.   

The media, in particular television, and some businesses through advertising have robbed children of their innocence of childhood; they rocketed them into mini adulthood with which they are unable to cope.  

Parents influenced by the latest fashion and or life style trends have exacerbated the situation by being led by the nose into inflicting them onto their children without a thought to the possible consequences.  

This has compounded the problem of a lack of effective discipline in schools leading to young adults ill equipped for the constraints of a civilised society.  

Interestingly there is evidence that where low level crime goes unchecked more serious crime becomes more acceptable.  

Sadly, any attempt to address the issue has not always been popular with local politicians or the media, subsequently this policing model has never been adopted universally.   

As a consequence, police are faced with clearing up the mess society has created by a largely firefighting approach and this with one hand tied behind their back.   

Then there is this often-repeated phrase of policing by consent, consent from whom?  

Obviously, there is a need to identify local policing priorities in discussion with local politicians who will represent the community.   

However those politicians and the community then need to support police in taking the necessary action to address the issues.   

It must also be remembered that policing occasionally results in complaints and public support at this time is even more important particularly where an offender is injured as a consequence of resisting arrest.   

The general public has little idea how difficult it is to restrain someone who is determined to escape, on drugs or under the influence of alcohol.  

In such cases are police supposed to let the offender go if there is a danger of them being injured with the risk of them injuring someone else?  Such incidents will need to be investigated independently to ensure only as much force as necessary was used to affect the arrest.   

The law-abiding part of society must decide what sort of police service they want and make their voices heard and give the support necessary. 

Chief Constable Nick Dean has highlighted some of the serious issues faced by his staff and the damage society has inflicted by supporting a softer approach with regard to sentencing.   

Many years ago, a person who assaulted a police officer could expect a custodial sentence and the length of that sentence would depend on the seriousness.  

A custodial sentence will not prevent all assaults, but it has the potential to deter some.  

As a matter of urgency automatic custodial sentences should be introduced for all assaults on emergency and NHS workers.   

It might also be worth looking at broadening the spectrum of the type of person recruited into the police. 

Many years ago, a significant number of ex-servicemen entered the service and were generally invaluable when dealing with violent or potentially violent situations. 

They had the ability to communicate at all levels and possessed the confidence to defuse a situation or if necessary, take decisive action.   

They were also able to cope with the most horrific of situations and were an example to younger recruits when counselling was something addicts received.  

Nevertheless, congratulations to Pc Roe for meeting a need within Cambridgeshire Police and for all of us I wish him every success.  
Society has changed, but if it continues in its present direction the future looks particularly bleak for the next generation and climate change may be the least of their worries! 
Concerned resident of Wisbech   

(Full name and address supplied) 

Mega protest for mega incinerator 

Following your recent articles in regards to the campaign against the Wisbech mega incinerator I have started an online Change.org petition to oppose the mega Incinerator being built.  

I have shared over Facebook and asked as many people as possible to also share the link but it would be really helpful if you could mention it in your next article about the campaign against the mega incinerator.  

MP Steve Barclay was at the campaign on Saturday but we would be grateful if you could mention a bit about the online petition.  

To clarify the link to the petition is - http://chng.it/w24ZVVq4 

Your help and support for Wisbech would be extremely appreciated. 



Lockdown volunteer drivers share experiences 

The drivers of the Wisbech Community Car Scheme met for their first meeting since Covid lockdown restrictions began. 

All six drivers and the secretary/treasurer attended and discussed the problems they had experience during lockdown.  

The scheme had closed at the beginning of lockdown in March 2020 due to some of the drivers having to shield for their own benefit or that of their family.  

The scheme had work for a short period in the latter part of 2020 but went into lockdown again at the end of the year due to one of the drivers having taken someone who tested positive for Covid. 

However, the scheme was able to reopen towards the end of January when all the drivers had had their first vaccinations and allowed a couple of weeks for them to take effect.  

All drivers are now fully vaccinated and hold a DBS check.  

The scheme which covers Wisbech and some of the areas adjacent to Wisbech has been busy since January 2021. 

It has driven more than 10,000 miles so far taking people to and from medical appointments, shopping and since the easing of restrictions to hairdressers  

As we have come out of lockdown it has become apparent that hospitals are endeavouring to fit in as many appointments as they can. 

This has resulted in some of our drivers starting at 5 a.m. to get people to Papworth or Addenbrookes for 7 a.m.  

Whilst the scheme operates Monday to Friday we are being asked more regularly now for a Saturday or Sunday appointment at hospitals. 

Unfortunately, this is not always possible as all the members of the scheme are volunteers including the coordinator, who is also a driver and whose office is her spare bedroom.  

Anyone wishing to learn more about the scheme or who would like to become a volunteer driver can either email the coordinator at lynncarserv@gmail.com. 

Or they can call 07541 400780 and leave a message.  

If the phone is not answered is may because the coordinator is likely to driving because of taking someone to an appointment, 

You can go on line and type into your search engine Wisbech Community Car Scheme where you will find under https:/fenland.gov.uk/ the section “What is Wisbech Community Car Scheme? Fenland Council”. 

Here you will be able to see how the scheme operates etc. 


Wisbech Community Car Scheme Coordinator 

Library is set to celebrate 21st birthday 

I am letting you know about an event we are holding at March library on Saturday July 31 to celebrate our 21st birthday. 

We have lots of great events planned and we have the mayor and local councillors attending. 

 Lots of activities for families and the whole day is FREE.  

Programme of events 

Complimentary refreshments served by the Friends of March Library from 10am – 3pm 

Children’s Treasure Hunt around the library all day 

Adult’s cryptic quiz sheet – free entry -£10 book token to be won 

Giveaways (while stocks last) 

Chance to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge 

10am-11am – Live music with Topaz 

10am-11am – Meet Peppa Pig – don’t forget your camera! 

10.30am – Official opening with the 

Mayor of March and presentation of birthday card co 

11am-1pm – Come and meet Spiderman and Elsa 

- don’t forget your camera! Big kids welcome 

1.30pm-2.15pm – Magic Show from Bamboogie Family Entertainment 

2.15pm-3pm - Come and meet Peppa Pig – don’t forget your camera! 

2.15pm-3.00pm Live music from David Bailey 


Area Library Manager  

March & Chatteris Libraries