Real Hypocrisy

The Somerset levels flooding appears to be as the result of the non-dredging of the local rivers, accepted by the Environment Agency and directed by the EU, our would be bosses.

This directive came about in 2007, that we must make space for “water” if we are to preserve or enhance water fowl and water life. To my mind, all at the expense of human habitat.

So this preserving of water wild life has come back with a vengeance. I have been led to understand that it wasn’t such a good idea, because the flooding drowned Voles, Moles, Shrews, ground nesting birds, grass and tree’s and a huge area of property that will not be dry for six months or more.

Now for the hypocrisy! Over the last two weeks there has been aired on BBC2 a set of programmes about council planning called Permission Impossible.

They showed that over many new housing projects, because of the dire need for many more houses (100,000). Put another way, a new town every year for at least the next ten or more years.

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All council planning sections are now told that they have to “relax” planning legislations.

This is to allow the building of houses on green belt land and maybe on floodplains as well.

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A paradox of this is that the shed waters from new housing projects can create flooding elsewhere. The natural water table is a law unto itself.

So, we must preserve wild life and their required waters, yet build a new town every year.

In a country that is unable to feed itself without imports of food and is one of the most overcrowded in the world.


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