Recovering alcoholic issued with a restraining order to stop him contacting estranged wife

A RESTRAINING order has been put on a March man who assaulted his wife when drunk, grabbing and twisting her wrist during an argument.

Under the terms of the two-year order. Nigel Headdon must not contact his estranged wife in any way.

Fenland magistrates also ordered 40-year-old Headdon to attend a domestic abuse programme, pay �50 compensation to his victim and pay �85 court costs.

Headdon assaulted his partner on August 27 when she grabbed his telephone, Fenland magistrates were told. He had earlier drunk between six and eight litres of cider, and was a recovering alcoholic.

Headdon held his victim’s wrist and twisted it, his nails going into her skin. She had previously injured her wrist, so it was weak, the court heard from prosecutor Emma Duckett.

Mitigating on behalf of Headdon, who lives at a hostel in Princes Walk, March, Roy James said his client was taking medication to stop him drinking.

“He had drunk a considerable amount of alcohol that night,” he said. “The assault was at the lower end of the scale.”

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