Rector revs up to help raise money for March church

MOTORCYCLES and sidecars took to the roads around March to raise money to help with the restoration of the town’s St Mary’s Church.

The motorcyclists from all over the country converged on March for a weekend camp and took the opportunity to do some fundraising.

Around �105 was raised and the Rector of St Mary’s and St Peter’s churches, the Rev Anthony Chandler joined the enthusiasts in a sidecar.

Dave Baker of March, who is on the committee for The Federation of Sidecar Clubs, said: “We thought we would like to do something for the church which is part of the town’s history. Everyone who camped came on the run and we asked people to put money in a bucket.”

The motorcyclists also stopped outside Victory Motorcycles in Mill View to allow the public to admire the machines as well as make donations.

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