Young people are learning what is ‘normal and achievable’ during healthy relationship talks at school

Relate are teaching young people in Cambridgeshire about healthy relationships. Picture PIXABAY

Relate are teaching young people in Cambridgeshire about healthy relationships. Picture PIXABAY - Credit: Archant

Students are being offered talks about healthy relationships by a national charity to help them understand what is ‘normal and achievable’.

Relate are tackling the issue as they feel there are few examples of healthy relationships in the media and are aware of the influence of social media.

Olga Fuentes, a counsellor with Relate Cambridge, said: “At a time when social media has a huge impact on how they relate to each other, it is crucial that young people become aware of the importance of communication and understanding in face-to-face daily interactions.

“If children and young people are more aware of their relationships at school, they could deal with friendship issues or tackle bullying in a better way.

“Equally, if they transfer some of their knowledge about relationships into the home environment, they will understand their family relationships better.”

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She continues: “Children and young people are not used to stopping and thinking about what is going on in their relationships.”

Relate hope the talks will have a positive effect on the well being of young people.

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Students learn about what makes a healthy relationship, including respect and communication, in addition to how to manage conflict.

A spokesman for Relate Cambridge said: “Relate Cambridge want to promote healthy relationships to students to show them what is normal and achievable.

“It’s vital to teach people about relationships from a young age.”

Relate hope to bring the talks to more schools in Cambridgeshire and say the sessions will “have a positive impact on relationships within school, among family and friends, and will provide young people with a strong foundation to sustain good relationships in all stages of life.”

• Relate delivers counselling for couples, families, children and young people and sex therapy.

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