Relief that I am not alone in feelings about development near St Mary’s in Whittlesey

I AM relieved to find, in the letters page of June 10, that I am not alone in feeling that Whittlesey Town Council has rather missed the point regarding the development at the rear of the old Post Office.

I am reliably informed that some years ago, a planning application for a small number of single storey almshouse-type dwellings at the site, was refused on the grounds that such a development was not appropriate. Has the planning department’s criteria changed so radically in the meantime?

Another cause for concern is the parking problem. It is believed that some integral parking has been provided but not sufficient for all the potential residents.

Presumably they are to park in the already much used area which will cause even more congestion and difficulties especially when there are funerals and weddings at the church which are frequent.

I would be interested to hear some clarification on the above points.


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