Remembering March character Frank Green after photo posted on Facebook

Election legend Frank Green

Election legend Frank Green - Credit: Archant

This picture of March legend Frank Green taken by the Cambs Times in either 1966 or 1970 has prompted an outpouring of fond memories on Facebook

Posted in March Free Discussion the photo shows Mr Green, who was well-known character around the town, with his trade mark pram and his dog ‘Catchall’ promoting long-serving Tory MP Sir Harry Leg-Bourke.

Sir Harry represented the Isle of Ely from 1945 up to his death in 1973 when he was replaced in the by-election by Sir Clement Freud.

Among the dozens of people to comment on the image was John Mason who wrote: “I remember Frank when I was young, he looked scary but was very nice. He lived my dad’s allotment so I saw him quite often.”

Joan McClain claims: “There’s my old buggy I gave Frank. It belonged to my sister. She had three kiddies in it. Then I had three. So it certainly got good wear.”

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Barbara Longstaff, who believes the dog may have been called Toby, wrote: “Funny I can see him now and hearing calling his dog. I know it was a silly name but still Toby is there in my mind. Actually he was a nice old bloke, dirty with dirty habits but a character, which we do not have these days in March. The other character that comes to mind is Les Purse.”

Karen Gowers added: “What an amazing photo of a part of our town’s history and one of the characters.”

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Does anyone know exactly when this picture was taken and when Mr Green died? Anyone with more information should contact

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