Repair work to A47 starts next week to the delight of Fenland village councillors

REPAIR work on one of Fenland’s major trunk roads will start next week to the delight of councillors who have waited almost two years for action.

Councillors from Guyhirn say they have been fed up with asking for urgent repairs to be made to the A47 at the junction of Gull Road. Work is now scheduled to start on Monday.

Councillor Robert Scrimshaw said this week: “We have just got so fed up with getting nowhere. If you pull out towards Peterborough you hit a big rut and it has been like this for a long time. This is a major route through Fenland and we can’t get anything done about it.”

Fellow councillor Brian Payne said: “We have been very concerned because during the last 18 months the road has broken up during the cold weather and we are concerned for the safety of our parishioners.”

But when this newspaper contacted the Highways Agency a spokesman said that, weather permitting, work will start on Monday.

She said: “Because of the severe weather a lot of work has had to be postponed. We try to do work overnight to cause minimum disruption but obviously this has been when the roads were freezing because of the very low temperatures. I cannot comment as to why the parish council did not get any answers to their letters.”

Work on resurfacing the road for one mile west of the Guyhirn roundabout will be carried out between 8pm and 6am.

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On being told the news, Cllr Payne said: “It if happens then we will be delighted. Obviously we are very pleased that the surface of the road is going to be made safe.”

• There has been more good news with Cambridgeshire County Council announcing detailed design work is currently being done on a scheme to stop drivers turning right out of Gull Road onto the A47.

The work will be carried out before the end of this financial year. A spokesman said: “There have been a number of accidents at this site and we are working to encourage drivers to turn left and take a safer route onto the A47.”

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