Report dangerous A141 drivers: Police encourage ‘public evidence’ prosecutions in Fenland

POLICE have called for motorists to report “near-misses” caused by dangerous driving on one of Fenland’s busiest roads.

Officers from March and Chatteris responded to concerns posted on the ShapeYourPlace website by vowing to prosecute dangerous drivers on the A141 if enough “public evidence” is provided about the offenders.

The issue was raised on the Chatteris branch of the community website under the heading “Murderous intent on the A141”.

A poster claimed they had witnessed two near-misses in one journey and asked: “What possesses people to turn their cars into potential killing machines?”

Demanding safety action, the poster pleaded: “Drivers, please don’t thrill seek on the A141. Just think of the people that could be affected by a crash – children, partners, mums, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends, colleagues.

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“These are the people that glue us all together. Nobody wants to be left grief stricken with their lives ripped apart because of moronic acts of pitiful self-gratification behind the wheel.”

Four days after the original post, Pc Phil Richardson, based at March, responded by encouraging residents to report near-misses - stating that “very few” incidents on the road were called in to the police.

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He said: “If you recall the index number of the vehicle and any description of the driver then you can attend your local police station and report the incident.

“The police will then try and locate the offending party and should there be enough evidence we could prosecute for an offence.”

Pc Andrew Harcup-Rudd, based at Chatteris, responded four days later. He said: “I have witnessed, on too many occasions to count, dangerous and inconsiderate driving on this stretch.

“More than once I have recorded registrations whilst off duty before paying the ‘motorist’ a surprise visit when I am back at work.”

Pc Harcup-Rudd urged concerned drivers to report the road’s safety issues to the Highways Agency and said he would “personally endorse the introduction of a 50mph speed limit between the Manea and Wimblington junctions”.

He also said he would investigate the possibility of deploying the mobile speed enforcement van on the A141 more regularly.

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