Rescue volunteers to hold sponsored dog walk for ‘misunderstood’ bulldog breed

DOZENS of bulldogs will parade through March on Saturday as two rescue volunteers raise money for a campaign to support what they claim is a “misunderstood” breed.

Louise Miller and Lindsey Brown, of March, decided to hold the sponsored dog walk to boost the funds of voluntary rescue organisation “Bullies in Need”.

The pair want to combat the negative stereotypes they say are associated with the bull breed and challenge Breed Specific Legislation, which can outlaw the possession of certain types of dog.

Ms Miller owns four border collies and three bulldogs but she also cares for another five foster dogs - all bull breeds that are waiting to be rehomed.

She said: “There are so many dogs being destroyed just for the way they look. It’s all because they look like pitbulls, which are banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

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“The bull breeds are so misunderstood. People often pull their kids away from the dogs all because of the bad press they get. It makes me so angry.

“Bad dogs are that way because they are brought up by bad owners. It’s never the dog’s fault.

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“Any dog will attack if it’s taught to - whether it’s a bulldog or a poodle.”

Ms Miller was among thousands of people who joined the “Save Lennox” campaign this year, which was started in an attempt to save the life of a dog who had been seized by Belfast City Council wardens for looking like a dangerous pitbull.

Campaigners had claimed the six-year-old dog was an American bull cross but after a drawn-out court battle, an appeal to spare the dog’s life was dismissed.

Ms Miller said Saturday’s dog walk, which is expected to attract dozens of visitors, would be in memory of Lennox. Dog owners will meet at North Drive Park, in March, at 2pm before walking through the town, stopping off at The Acre pub on the way.

For more information on Bullies in Need visit their website:

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