Residents condemn March supermarket’s application to extend alcohol licence

AN APPLICATION to extend the alcohol licensing hours of a March supermarket has been condemned by residents, who fear it would destroy their peace and quiet.

The Co-op store, in Badgeney Road, March, has applied for permission to sell alcohol until 10pm on weekends.

Currently, the store can only sell alcohol from 7am-8pm on a Saturday and 8am-5pm on a Sunday. But, if the application is successful, they will be licensed from 7am-10pm on these days, as they are during the week.

In a letter objecting to the plans, Scott Wakelen, who lives opposite, said he was plagued by noise, with young people meeting outside the store and lorries shining their lights through his front windows.

“I am unable to have my windows open due to the noise from the lorries and the people using the shop.

“I feel I have no privacy in my own home, and am really fed up with the constant noise and disruption caused by the shop.”

Another letter, from Mr and Mrs Smith, who have lived next door to the shop for more than 30 years, claimed that the extension would increase litter, late night drinking and disturbance.

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They said: “We feel very strongly that these proposed opening times infringe on our basic rights to have a certain degree of peace and quiet living in our own home.”

The application will be considered by councillors at a Licensing Committee Hearing on October 18.

Amanda Douglas, who also sent a letter of objection, said: “We cannot imagine what life will be like if the Co-op store is allowed to open for longer periods of time on a Saturday and Sunday. At present we look forward to the store closing at 5pm as this allows us to have some peace.”

Mrs Douglas declared that she had decided to write to the Environmental Health Authority to inform them of the noise levels that residents are subjected to.

She said: “When we moved to March we realised that moving to a town would be noisier, but we chose a street that looked like a quiet residential area - how wrong we have been proved.”

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