Residents fear Royal Mail plans will turn Chatteris into second class town

RESIDENTS claim the Royal Mail’s ‘dash for cash’ plan to close their sorting office will turn Chatteris into a second class town.

Darren Biggs, Communication Workers Union representative, raised concerns about the increase traffic on the already busy A141 between March and Chatteris as CWU officials condemned the plan in a meeting last night.

Nearly 100 members of the public crammed into the meeting, held at the King Edward Centre, who said they would do everything possible to stop the closure.

They also raised concerns on the affects on delivery times and by making them travel to March to pick up letters and parcels would turn Chatteris into a second class town.

Andy Beeby, CWU branch chair, told the meeting that MP Steve Barclay and the town council were fully behind the CWU’s campaign and alternative proposals were sent to the Royal Mail.

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Noel McClean, CWU executive council member, said Royal Mail were on a dash for cash by selling of its buildings.

Mr Biggs said: “My members, who all live in the Chatteris area, did not want to leave their community to work in March and that Royal Mail could not provide the same level of service after they moved to March.”

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Mr Barclay said: “I’m throwing my weight fully behind the campaign and calling on councillors, residents and the community as a whole to come together and fight for this short-sighted closure decision.

“I accept that Royal Mail needs to make efficiencies and that the current premises may have flaws, but Chatteris as a growing town needs this service.”

Estate agents BNP Paribas have been charged with selling the Park Street office which is valued aorund �200,000.

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