RESULT AND REACTION: Florence Newell retains Slade Lode seat

A MASSIVE roar erupted around the Hudson Leisure Centre when Florence Newell beat long-time rival Chris Howes and retained Slade Lode for the Conservatives.

Cllr Newell polled 301 votes for the Conservatives compared to Mr Howes’ 206 to retain the seat she won in a 2006 by-election.

A tearful Cllr Newell said after her win: “That meant a lot to me. I really do fight very hard for Chatteris.

“I shouldn’t but I have got worried about who would do what I do. I want to do another four years to complete what I have started.

“I am halfway there for leisure in Chatteris. I need the swimming pool and then I will have done my bit. I have worked so hard for this swimming pool. My colleagues think they might throw me in if we get it.

“I’m so thankful for all the support I have got. It has renewed my faith in human nature.”


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Chris Howes (Liberal Democrat) 206

Florence Newell (Conservative) 301

Grant Osbourn (Labour) 140

TURNOUT: 32.23 per cent