RESULTS CONFUSION: Fenland teenager kept waiting in deserted school library

A TEENAGER arrived at school to collect his A-level results this afternoon - only to traipse through a busy building site into a deserted library.

Luke Roscoe, 19, and his stepfather Chris Howes, a Chatteris town councillor, were baffled when they arrived at Neale-Wade Community College in March at 1pm.

They found the area deserted apart from builders - working on the �25million re-building of the school under the BSF scheme.

Unable to find a member of staff, the pair wandered into the school’s unlocked library, which is equipped with 20 computers, a photocopier and a host of books.

Cllr Howes said: “We just walked in. I couldn’t find anybody on the site and I walked around in the rain for 20 minutes looking.

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“I’m very disappointed really. I fully appreciate the difficulties the building works create but these are assets of the community left unattended for an hour and the education budget is fully stretched as it is.

“Results are not a light issue - they’re life changing. Luke couldn’t get onto the UCAS website to check them so I drove him here and found an abandoned library.”

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Students had collected their results between 10am-12noon but Luke - an external student - had not been notified about when to attend.

The 19-year-old, who polled 202 votes when he stood in the Fenland District Council elections in May, said: “I should have got a letter to tell me when the results pick-up was. I didn’t even find out that it was results day until I saw it on the news this morning.”

Having sat in an empty library for more than an hour, the pair were eventually found by the school’s vice-principal Paul Stratford who led them to the finance office, where the uncollected results were being stored.

Mr Stratford said: “We left the library open and that was a mistake but given the number of people on the site there was never any risk that anything was going to get stolen.

“It would have been impossible for anyone to drive a van through all the building works and start stealing things.

“The computers in there are all due to be replaced and there was no confidential information and no results present. It was just a school library that was left unattended.

“I understand the parent’s concern but when the school is in operation the library stays open.”

After an hour of nerves, confusion and digger-dodging, Luke opened the brown envelope to discover he had passed chemistry.

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