Retiring Canon celebrates 25 years as rector of March church

CANON Peter Baxandall celebrated his 25 years as Rector of St Wendreda’s Church in March with a special service on Sunday.

The congregation sang some of the songs used during his licensing including ‘Shine Jesus Shine’, ‘For I’m Building a People of Power’ and ‘Father I Place Into Your Hands’.

Canon Baxandall who will be leaving the town later this year when he retires to live in Lowestoft, said afterwards: “I will be very sad to leave March and it has been a delightful 25 years, I have loved it.”

The last 25 years have seen many changes at St Wendreda’s Church. Canon Baxandall said: “We don’t wear robes, the words are put up on a screen and we have a very joyful, informal service. It is a very different syle to what it used to be but it is very easy to become part of.”

A Canon for three years, he was also Rural Dean of March for 16 years but relinquished that position when he became Priest in Charge of the town’s St John’s Church.

Canon Baxandall said the style of worship at St John’s is very different and more traditional. He said: “We have two totally different targets. There are people who prefer that style of worship and we are very aware of that.”

Canon Baxandall, who had his 65th birthday last year, says he and his wife, Muriel, will probably leave the town in the middle of the year. As a replacement is sought, Canon Baxandall said: “We have people in the church who will continue to run the show”.

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