REVEALED: Rampaging Chatteris gang attacked two girls, rugby tackling one and smacking other in the face

TWO girls were among those targeted by a gang of rampaging thugs in Chatteris it emerged today.

One girl was rugby tackled as she tried to dial 999 whilst another received a slap in the face.

The extent of injuries to some of the four young men who were also attacked has been told for the first time.

One had injuries to his head ‘stapled’ by doctors whilst another had a brain scan after a serious injury to an eye.

The details were revealed by a local resident who has criticised comments made by town councillor Mark Petrou.

The resident, who has asked not to be named, said it was untrue there had been delays in response times by ambulance crews and police.

“I have reported the comments from Mr Petrou’s reports to the town council and am waiting for their response,” said the resident.

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“I am disgusted that a town councillor would give incorrect information to the public without having it properly collaborated.

“I was extremely impressed with the immediate response from the police and the paramedics

“Also I praise the people who came out of their property, putting themselves in danger to stop the four lads and two girls being injured any further by the group of attackers.

“Initially the fight started at a takeaway and at that stage there were no weapons.

“They then gained bricks and wood or bats then gave chase down New Road, throwing, attacking with the weapons and kicking whilst people were already down and continuing the attacks.

“At one stage one girl got hit and another got rugby tackled to the ground and had her phone smashed as she contacted the police.

“The injured did not knock on any doors; a brave couple came out of their house causing the cowards to run away. If they had not had the bravery to intervene the attackers would probably not have stopped their vicious attacks.”

The resident added: “I am very thankful for the excellent service that the brave couple, the police and the paramedics provided-I really do not think they could have responded any quicker.

“Had all the injured not been able to get to hospital by car after the paramedics had established that injuries were not life threatening I am sure they would have been able to provide transport for all concerned.

“If however an ambulance was used when it wasn’t actually needed and there was then a more serious incident, what would the consequences then have been for a needier situation? “What would we then be complaining about?”

The incident – which has led to arrests- began after a birthday party at the working men’s club ended. A gang of youths left to head into town and later caused a disturbance in a take away.

Police have appealed for additional witnesses.

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