REVIEW: Absolutely Fabulous The Movie doesn’t quite live up to the hype

Ab Fab

Ab Fab - Credit: Archant

Despite a littering of celebrity cameos, Absolutely Fabulous The Movie doesn’t quite live up to its title, or the millions of pounds taken in box office figures.

As protagonists Joanna Lumley (champagne-swigging manhunter Patsy) and Jennifer Saunders (out of touch PR guru Edina; “I’m being trollied on Twitter darling!”) struggle to stay relevant - and run out of money; “where’s the Bolly?!” - it’s somewhat metaphorical of how the film stagnates.

Clocking in at a brief 91-minute running time, long-term fans of the hugely popular television series will likely leave the cinema feeling a little shortchanged; although there are enough walk-on appearances from vaguely famous faces to stop you from drifting off. Just about.

Set amongst the supremely cut-throat industry of PR against a back drop of high-end London fashion launches, Patsy and Edina are trying to hang on to the glittering lifestyle they once had, by attempting to become Kate Moss’ PR, of course. As you can expect, it doesn’t go to plan.

Though they vape, trend on Twitter (for all the wrong reasons) and are aware of transgender issues (ish) they still have two feet firmly placed in the past; even cameos from Nick Grimshaw, Lulu and Baby Spice Emma Bunton can’t quite bring the film to life.

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Though one genuinely hilarious appearance comes from Australian comic Rebel Wilson. Criminally underused - alongside Rylan from Big Brother, for some unknown reason - her face-off with Lumley is gold. Easily the best and funniest scene from the whole film.

By the second half, set in a sunny, picturesque Cannes, the plot crosses the threshold of ridiculousness.

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It’s one of those films where you’ll laugh a fair bit in the screening, but the morning after you’ll think ‘was that even funny’?

Sometimes TV series’ don’t need re-hashing into movies, maybe...

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