Riders raise cash to help deaf and hard of hearing West Norfolk charity group


The West Walton and Walpole motorcycle club has donated £113 to West Norfolk Deaf Association.


The motorcycle group organised a charity bike ride from Tesco Wisbech to the blue sky café Cromer in June.

Sarah Cox of the deaf association said: “Despite a rainy morning there was a good turnout, each rider donating £5 to WNDA, their chosen charity.

“We also had the KLFM super trooper bear join the ride.”

She added: “We were thrilled to be chosen as beneficiaries of the bike ride. We support deaf and hard hearing people across West Norfolk providing a range of services for people of all ages including children.


“The money will go directly to help those people whose lives are affected by deafness.”

The motor cycle club welcomes new members: find them on Facebook or call 07906040532.