Right to commemorate closure of Wisbech Court

WE should certainly commemorate the closing of our courthouse in Wisbech.

To creep away and not mark the occasion would be like refusing to attend the funeral of a friend or relative because they died a violent or untimely death.

Many Magistrates drawn from Fenland have given their time for a huge number of years to the people of Fenland in this courthouse.

We have fought hard to retain this building, to no avail.

We must show our pride in this courthouse and give it and those who have served so long in it time to mourn its loss and say farewell with dignity.

We will not be celebrating the closure but reminding everyone who will listen of the work that has been done in this building, which expresses so well the dignity and gravity of proceedings within it.

It will be with great heaviness of heart that those of us who have served so long here will say farewell to Wisbech courthouse.

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Many of us remain certain that at some stage in the future the decision to close Wisbech Court will be regretted when they find that what they have left cannot cope with the work.


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